Choreographers: Jason Collins, Lindsay Harwell, Ingrid Kapteyn
Performers: Victoria Bek, Jason Collins, Lindsay Harwell, Ingrid Kapteyn, Caitlin Taylor
Theater Director: Jordan Geiger
Composer, Percussionist: Andrew Funcheon
Lighting Designer: Joanna DeFelice

August 5-6, 2016
LightSpace Studios
Bushwick, Brooklyn

How do we make the audience as necessary to the performance as the performers themselves? HEWMAN’s cofounders began with an experiment to choreograph independently of one another, each exploring what is private versus public within performance. We then entrusted theater director Jordan Geiger with the task of filtering our individual compositions through his non-dance eye, and arranging them into one coherent whole. His process became an investigation of how the presence of outside perspectives changes the way we see ourselves and others. After a year-long collaboration, the result is a play on perspective and persona that is constructed the same way you will experience it - from the outside looking in. It's not enough to be there, you must also see and be seen. How is up to you.

Humongous thanks to our Indiegogo contributors without whom THIS IS NOTHING WITHOUT YOU would truly be nothing: 

HEWMANitarian Kate Hathaway
HEWMANresources Patrice Gendelman, Joseph Paquette
HEWMANnature Peter Kimball
HEWMANkind McKenna Birmingham, Rachel and Bill Funcheon, Jacci Geiger
HEWMANbeings Deborah Colley, Alex Donnelly, Cody Morgan, Kathy Meszler, Douglass Post, Anonymous (2)
HEWMANs Sumi Clements, Katie Miles, Anonymous
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