© Olivia Rodriguez

© Olivia Rodriguez

Each night, a new space

Choreography/Performance Jason Collins, James Lindsay Harwell, Ingrid Kapteyn Design Joanna DeFelice Costumes Victoria Bek

May 28, 2014: Midtown Tenement
Clinton Housing Development Company | 548 West 53rd Street

May 29, 2014: Uptown Gallery
chashama | 461 West 126th Street

May 30, 2014: Chelsea Showroom
RePopRoom | 527 West 29th Street

November 14, 2014: Williamsburg Garage*
Immersive Gallery | 132 Bedford Avenue

November 15, 2014: Soho Loft*
PAPER MACHE TIGER | 217 Centre Street

Originally inspired by the idea of presenting dance in an art gallery, our inaugural project, Humans within Structure, sees a human on the pedestal where a sculpture would be. It is a dance installation that expands on the image of human bodies amongst the various pedestals and pillars, bases and blocks that are a sculpture gallery’s basic set. Joanna DeFelice, an industrial artist and fellow dancer, collaborated with us to construct cubes that we at times wear over our heads and at others move in, on, and around on the floor. We interact with each other and the boxes in a way that brings movement to otherwise static structures, exploring our bodies as individual people, not only as technical dancers. Pathways for the audience in the space make their bodies as integral to the choreography as ours. Ultimately, dealing with the concept of “humans within structure" brings up not only the visible, physical frames that contain our lives, but also the invisible, psychological, and societal ones whose boundaries are just as powerful.

*Sponsored exclusively by CSArch.

 © Nir Arieli

© Nir Arieli

five nights.five spaces.three humans.one dance