HEWMAN. Hm. “Hey-man”? “Who-mawn”?

Sorry – we weren’t trying to be confusing. “HEWMAN” is pronounced “human”, because that’s what we all are. And “hew” is a word for what a sculptor does to stone. But we’re doing it to live bodies.

Huh. That looks cool. But I have no idea what they’re doing.

Good question! In a nutshell, HEWMAN makes interactive dance-based performance art.

I’m scared. Are they going to make me dance?

No, please don’t worry! We only want to engage with you as much as you want to engage with us. Our first aim in performance is to create a safe, comfortable environment where everyone feels like themselves - like we’re all in your living room.

© Jacci Geiger (Jordan's mom!)

© Jacci Geiger (Jordan's mom!)

If you have another question that we can answer, you're welcome to email us at hewmancollective@gmail.com!